DOH-Medical Assistance Program

DOH-Medical Assistance Program Utilization Report as of April 01, 2014 map-DOH Utilization 2014

Transparency Seal 2014

I. Agency Mandates, functions, contact information of its officials a.Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values b.Mandate and Functions b1.Patient Safety Pledge c. Key Officials c1.Board Of Trustees c2.Management Committee c3.Transparency Seal Focal Person II. Annual Reports A.2013 B.2012 C.2011 III.

26th 3-in-One Post graduate course

PCMC 3 in 1 course

The Philippine Children’s Medical Center will hold the 26th 3-in-one Post Graduate Course on Neurology,Infectious Diseases and Critical Care. The program titled “The Intersection”, will be held on September 17 and 18, 2014 Elements at Centris For more information contact

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PCMC continues to give smile to the Filipino child while this government is forcing us to transfer into another land of uncertainty- giving us another piece of land that the government cannot assure ownership. They are so worried on transforming

PCMC deputy director for medical services Dr. Sonia Gonzales talks about the hospital and the work it does


Procurement Monitoring Reports

Procurement Monitoring Reports 2013 January to June 2013 Second semester