Point Person 2015

The following persons are designated Point Persons for FY 2015 PBB   PBB Focal Person : Mr. Rodolfo A. De Los Reyes Alternate PBB Focal Person : Ms. Mary Madonna M. Garcia PBB Spokesperson : Mr. Ronnel P. Dimaala Contact

Transparency Seal 2015

I. Agency Mandates, Vision, Mission and List of Officials a.Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values b.Mandate and Functions b1.Patient Safety Pledge b2.Citizen’s Charter c. Key Officials c1.Board Of Trustees c2.Management Committee c3.PCMC Point Person (PBB 2015) II. Annual Reports A.2015┬áin

Citizens Charter

Directory of Officials and Key Positions

Board of Trustees

BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF SPECIALTY HOSPITALS Secretary – Janette L. Garin, Chairman, Department of Health Deputy Executive Secretary – Teofilo S. Pilando, Member, Office of the President Assistant Secretary – Joseph Enrile P. Juico, Member,Alternate Representative, Office of the President

Patient Safety Pledge

Patients deserve to be approached holistically. I believe patient safety is all encompassing; from the time the child comes under my care at PCMC, No harm shall come to him/her. To the Filipino Child I pledge: To do my best