COVID-19 ADVISORY: Ang PCMC ay patuloy na nagbibigay ng angkop at de-kalidad na serbisyo sa kabila ng hamon nang pagdami ng kaso ng COVID-19. Makabubuti na iwasan ang pag “walk-in” sa ospital. Kung may sintomas o anumang pangangailangang medikal ay tumawag muna sa ER 8588-9901 to 20 locals 263 and 318, COVID Triage locals 264 and 316 at One Hospital Command Center 1555.

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About Cancer & Hematology Center

Majority of patients are cancer patient consultations/ diagnostic procedures – bone marrow aspiration or biopsy, therapeutic procedures, parenteral (systemic intravenous infusion) intrathecal chemotherapy. The Center are composed by different units: Thalassemia, Hemophilia, Bone Marrow failure follow-up clinic, and Vascular Tumor/ Malformation Unit. It has specialized programs that is intended for cancer patients such as Nutrition Support, Infection Control, Psychosocial aspects of care of patients / their families, Palliative/Hospice Care Program, Child Life Program (CLP), Long Term Cancer Survivor Followup of Patients, Transition of Care of Cancer Survivors, Program for prevention of Cancer in Adulthood by the Pediatrician/ Adolescent Medicine and Program(s) for insurance coverage of patients with chronic disorders/ catastrophic illnesses.

In 2010, the PCMC Pediatric Cancer and Hematology Center was designated by DOH as the national end-referral center for children and adolescent with blood diseases and cancer. The Center is expected to deliver a comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment to improve outcome in a costeffective manner. With the use of modern diagnostic and therapeutic approaches initiated expeditiously, this will translate to early detection, accurate diagnosis, appropriate management, and ultimately better chances of survival.