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About Pharmacy

The Pharmacy Division assures the quality of its services and of product dispensed, and control program for the proper distribution of drugs throughout the hospital. The pharmacy offers the following services aside from the usual dispensing functions; powdering of tablets/capsules into papers, extemporaneous compounding (topical and oral preparations not commercially available), Unit Dose Drug Distribution to inpatients, and IV admixtures (preparation of unit dose syringes of parenteral drugs, IV fluids not commercially available, preparation of antineoplastic drugs, and preparation of total parenteral solutions [TPN]).


The Pharmacy Division provides inpatient and outpatient services to all the Specialty Centers of the hospital. The dispensing area is stocked with both essential and specialty medicines that are maintained at affordable prices.

a. Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

b. Compounding of Large and Small Volume Parenterals
The Pharmacy Division is capable in preparing parenteral preparations not commercially available in the market

c. Unit Dose Syringes for Parenteral Drugs
For the benefit of our pediatric patients we dispense expensive parenteral antibiotics and other drug preparations thru unit dose syringes.

a. Topical Preparations
Compounding of preparations not commercially available

b. Oral Preparation
As a Pediatric hospital, we compound oral preparations of syrups and suspensions not commercially available.

Pharmacy Internship

The Pharmacy Internship Program of the PCMC Pharmacy Division has been updated to include lectures and hands-on training on the different areas of the hospital pharmacy, i.e. IV admixtures, UDDS, dispensing of controlled drugs, outpatient & inpatient dispensing, extemporaneous compounding, and procurement of drugs.

Pharmacy Internship Procedure and Requirements

Schools of Pharmacy are required to affiliate with PCMC Pharmacy Division through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the supplemental learning experiences and training of their students. The standard format for Pharmacy Internship MOA is available at the Pharmacy Division.

1. Letter of endorsement from the Dean of their School of Pharmacy detailing the type (minor or major) of internship to be undertaken by the student.
2. Medical Certificate from authorized school physician.