Before you visit


During your admission, please bring the original copy of the following documents necessary:

  • Doctor’s Admission Order, Request for X-ray (if any)
  • Previous medical health reports e.g. X-Ray, Laboratory Reports, Blood Test Results, etc.
  • Philhealth CF1 properly filled-up by Member, Member’s Data Record (photocopy)
  • For Persons’ with Disability (PWD), PWD ID and Doctor’s Certification
  • For Government (Plantilla/Casual) Employee, Certificate of Employment (COE) or Service Record
  • A list of all medications you (patient) are presently taking, and the dosage
  • Letter of Guarantee (ASIANLIFE) from your insurance company if part or all of your medical expenses are to be borne by your insurance company.

Please do not bring along excessive cash and valuables. Please be mindful of your valuables as PCMC will not be liable or held responsible for any loss.