During your Stay

A. Medical Social Services

The Medical Social Services primarily focuses on the medico-social needs of the patients and their immediate families. This includes assistance on how to help them resolve their psycho-social, emotional, and economic or financial problems brought about by the patient illness.  Our Social Workers assist patients by sourcing out funds to support the medical management, counseling them in dealing and coping with the stressors to the family.

The office is open daily including holidays from 8:00 am to 10:30pm. It is located at the ground floor, in front of the PCMC Pharmacy. You may contact them thru 588-9900 local 232.

B. Public Assistance Unit

The Public Assistant Unit (PAU) is created to effectively and efficiently administer all assistance granted to patients by legislators with Trust Fund at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center, government agencies and non-government organizations.

PCMC, thru the Public Assistance Unit shall extend medical service to deserving patient/s, which may not be charity / service patients; provided the Fund Donors issue a letter of recommendation, giving reasons/justifications why medical assistance can and should be granted to the patient/s.

The Public Assistance Unit is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. It is located at the ground floor, left wing of the lobby, along with the Specialty Clinics, in front of Land Bank ATM. They can be reached at 588-9900 local 357.

C. Tawid Pangkalusugan Fund

This PCMC initiatives created a trust fund through private sector donations to support the critical and immediate needs of patients like emergency surgery, blood transfusions, emergency medicines and others.  To improve sustainability, it has now expanded to the enrollment of sponsor for their insurance membership.  Through private donations, PCMC is now sponsoring the membership fees of enrollees. It has now enrolled _____ patients to date since starting in June 2011.  LGUs are now targeted to help sustain membership for their indigent constituents for the succeeding years.

D. Chaplaincy Program

PCMC started its Chaplaincy Program in 2009.  It was conceived as a ministry to hospitalized patients and their significant others to help them cope with their situation and makes their stay in the hospital meaningful and productive. The chaplains are part of the hospital’s healing team, for complete healing and wholeness to be experienced, all aspects of a patient’s life should be cared for.

Among its activities include the following:

Daily bedside visits from Monday to Saturday, including services such as counselling, blessing, baptism (emergency), anointing of the sick or last rites for the departed.

Monthly Chaplains’ meeting every second Friday of the month in which each chaplain is assigned to present a written report of his/her significant encounter with the patient.

Counselling of PCMC Admin & medical staff upon individual requests.

Chaplains attending to the regular hospital committees, namely Child Protection Unit (CPU) in its quarterly audit, providing timely and relevant feedback; Palliative Care Committee and Ethics Committee meeting in its monthly meeting.

E. Patient Navigation Program

PCMC established Patient Navigation Program.  This program can reduce healthcare disparities by helping patients overcome barriers such as socio-economic conditions (i.e. how much money they make, education and job), logistical issues (i.e. how close they live to medical care and reliable transportation), language or culture and healthcare system in order to get better quality and timely treatment, and being more satisfied with their healthcare experiences. The trained patient navigators work with the individual cancer patients and their families for them to identify potential barriers at the beginning of the treatment process and address other barriers as they come up.

F. Child Life Program in Partnership with Kythe Foundation.

Psychosocial support for patients and their families is an indispensable component of holistic care of a child with cancer.  This has come up as a need voiced out several time by parents in town hall meetings that PCMC conducted.  The need for counselling had been temporarily filled-in by the medical social workers, but no one can really substitute for a certified child life specialist.  In 2012, partnership with the Kythe Foundation started in order to provide psychosocial support for cancer patients at PCMC.  Seeing the need to propagate the appreciation of other cancer healthcare professionals on child life, this program encourages regular lectures to pediatric residents and fellows, to incorporated for Chemotherapy-Biotherapy Certification Courses for nurses since 2014.