Education & Training

Training Affiliation of Hospital and Schools

This service provides health professionals and students training in child health and its related fields.

Application Procedure

  1. All affiliate institutions shall submit, to the Office of the Executive Director, a Letter of Intent to send their trainees to PCMC for training
  2. The Office of the Director shall:
    1. Receive and note the letter of intent.
    2. Forward the request to OPET.
  3. The OPET clerk shall receive the letter of intent and forward it to the Head of OPET and Training Coordinators.
  4. The Head of OPET sends the request to the PCMC section or unit specified by the affiliate institution.
  5. The Section/Unit Head shall:
    1. Recommend the approval of the affiliation
    2. Prepare a training program in coordination with the affiliate institution.
    3. Prepare a Memorandum of Affiliation (MOA).
    4. Sends the completed MOA to OPT for signature.
  6. Once approved, the affiliate institution shall:
    1. Provide PCMC a certified list of qualified trainees who will undergo training in PCMC.
    2. Provide certification that the affiliated trainees are physically fit and cleared medically.
    3. Comply with the provisions of the MOA.
    4. Pay the appropriate affiliation fees.
    5. Submit a letter of intent to renew affiliation, if the MOA will be expiring.