The Philippine Children’s Medical Center is one of the government-owned and controlled corporate National Centers for Specialized Health Care under the Department of Health. It is a 200-bed capacity tertiary hospital with a mandate to provide pediatric care, offer training programs for medical and allied health care providers, and be a center in clinical research.

It offers a wide array of general and subspecialty services in pediatrics, surgery and allied medicine. It has training programs involving general pediatrics, adolescent medicine, ambulatory medicine, hematology and oncology, infectious disease, nephrology, pulmonology, intensive care, neonatology, neurodevelopmental pediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, perinatology, pediatric gynecology, pediatric surgery, pediatric and perinatal anesthesia, radiology, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, medical technology and nursing. Lastly, it has produced researches relevant to the day-to-day care of the well and sick child.

The PCMC Logo

The Hospital Logo symbolizes love for children. The round structure stands for the perpetuity and continuity of life. Inside the circle is a yellow flower symbolizing youth's vitality, bright future and happiness. The red heart is for love and the courage to love forever. The hands holding the children stand for humanity, embracing youth and lifting it up to a vision of a brighter future.