COVID-19 ADVISORY: Ang PCMC ay patuloy na nagbibigay ng angkop at de-kalidad na serbisyo sa kabila ng hamon nang pagdami ng kaso ng COVID-19. Makabubuti na iwasan ang pag “walk-in” sa ospital. Kung may sintomas o anumang pangangailangang medikal ay tumawag muna sa ER 8588-9901 to 20 locals 263 and 318, COVID Triage locals 264 and 316 at One Hospital Command Center 1555.


                                                                                                   Quality and Environmental Policy




PCMC aims to be the premiere Children's Medical Center and commit to promote quality and environmental management awareness in achieving operational and service excellence.

To achieve these, PCMC shall implement an internationally recognized integrated management system in the entire operations, processes, and services.

The PCMC shall:

    • Utilize a continual cycle of performance excellence by enabling healthcare providers, administrative, and support services in providing a safe happy environment and robust work ethics to attain professional and personal growth.
    • Provide customer's needs, keeping the employees positive and empowered, and continually improve the activities in the workplace.
    • Implement the best practices and global processes focusing on customer's wellness and delight to drive change.
    • Use a systematic review strategy that identifies and eliminates performance gaps and address risk and opportunities.
    • Ensure compliance with all the applicable government standards and regulations and the requirements of the healthcare industry.
    • Integrate health, wellness, and safety as the core service and business value in all aspects of the hospital activities and environment as a competitive advantage in achieving best clinical practice outcomes, profitable fiscal growth, and significantly increase productivity to become a self-reliant GOCC.
    • Care and protect the environment by conservation of energy, water, paper, and other hospital resources to prevent the accumulation of excessive waste and adopt sustainable practices to reduce, reuse, recycle, and practice proper waste disposal. 

This policy shall be an integral part of performing the PCMC's mandate, and ensure alignment with the PCMC's strategic directions to continuously improve the quality and environmental performance of this center.