Institutional Research - Ethics Committee (IR-EC) Members and Officers 2019

Name Type Of Discipline / Specialization Position
Rachelle Angeli R. Niñalga,MD Cardiology Chairman
Jesus Nazareno J. Velasco,MD Intensive Care Unit Co-Chair
Cristopher Michael D. Parrilla,RN Nursing/Non-Medical Member-Secretary
Manuelito A. Madrid,MD Pathology Regular Member
Maria Cecilia Leongson-Cruz,MD Cancer and Hematology Regular member 
Angelita Sievert-Fernandez,PhD Lay Regular member / Non-Institutional Lay
Paul Matthew D. Pasco,MD Neurology/Epidemiology SAE reviewer/Alternate member
Jay Ron O. Padua,MD Pediatric Infectious Diseases Alternate member
Maria Norma V. Zamora,MD Nephrology Alternate member
Ronnel S. Domingo Chaplain/Lay Alternate member/Non-Institutional/Non-Medical
Alma A. Lopez Chaplain/Lay Alternate member/Non-Institutional/Non-Medical