Institutional Research - Ethics Committee (IR-EC) Members and Officers 2023

Name Type of Discipline / Specialization Position
Jesus Nazareno J. Velasco, MD Intensive Care Chairman
Maria Cecilia Leongson-Cruz, MD Cancer and Hematology Co-Chair
Christopher Michael D. Parrilla, RN Nursing /Non-Medical Member-Secretary
Manuelito A. Madrid, MD Pathology Regular Member
Rachelle Angeli R. Niñalga, MD Cardiology Regular Member 
Paul Matthew D. Pasco, MD Neurology / Epidemiology Regular Member
Jay Ron O. Padua, MD Pediatric Infectious Diseases Regular Member
Maria Norma V. Zamora, MD Nephrology Regular Member
Alma A. Lopez Chaplain / Lay Regular Member / Non-Institutional
Erlinda Susana Cuisia-Cruz, MD Adolescent Medicine Alternate Member
Lucia B. Tiangco, MD Obstetrics-Gynecology Perinatology Alternate Member
Kathryn B. Braganza, MD Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics Alternate Member
Kristine O. Medel, DMD Dental Alternate Member
Janette F. Pascual, MD Pediatric Anesthesia Alternate Member
Ronnel S. Domingo Chaplain / Lay Alternate Member / Non-Institutional