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About Perinatology Center

The delivery of total quality care for high-risk pregnant mothers and their neonates has been the goal of the Perinatal Center. The Fellowship Training Program in Perinatal Anesthesiology sees to it that with such exposure, specialist doctors will develop the expertise in administering anesthesia for high-risk pregnancies.

2015 has been a busy year with a total of 487 patients referred to the section of Perinatal Anesthesiology. The type of anesthesia administered was highest with Continuous Lumbar Epidural Anesthesia (CLEA) with 261 (53.5%), closely followed by Subarachnoid Block (SAB) at 179 (36.7%), and General Endotracheal Anesthesia (GETA) at 8 (1.64%).

New equipments were made available to the section. Two units of multi-parameter patient monitors and one unit of defibrillator were acquired.

We will ensure that the highest standard in the practice of Perinatology is maintained thru a team of motivated, knowledgeable, and dedicated personnel.