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About Heart, Lung, Kidney & Liver

The Section of Pediatric Nephrology has been established since 1990, with its goal to provide optimal service to children with kidney problems and ensure quality training and continuing education in pediatric renal care. Since then, the Section has produced 27 Pediatric Nephrology Fellows from all over the country and is currently training 2 fellows per year of its 2-year fellowship program, while accepting residents and interns from and outside PCMC for a month long rotation under the Subspecialty.

The Pediatric Nephrology Service is allotted 5 beds for renal charity patients and has been able to admit 165 charity patients while attending to over 400 referrals for renal-related consults from the different specialties in the institution. Inpatient services include peritoneal dialysis, renal biopsy and chemotherapy. For 2015, the service has had 1273 consultations at the Out Patient Department. On the same year, the Pediatric Nephrology Section Teen Transition Clinic, in cooperation with the Section of Adolescent Medicine, was inaugurated in order to foster the transfer from pediatric to adult care of patients with chronic renal diseases. It is the pioneer specialty of the Transition Clinic Program in the institution.

On its 26 th year, the Section continues to deliver competent specialty service and venture on relevant researches in order improve renal care. It remains to be a part of worldwide and nationwide activities such as the World Kidney Day and National Kidney Day with activities tailored to both medical personnel and patient kidney care.