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About Nursing

In 2015, the Nursing Service Department has continued to be an active and dynamic contributor of PCMC in fulfilling its organizational vision and mission. The NS Department has delivered commendable accomplishments to PCMC’s overall achievement aside from its central roles in delivering high quality nursing care to its patients, management of nursing service processes, and the development of nursing personnel.

The Nursing Service focused its energy in 2015 to different evidence-based innovations that ensures the best care experience for the patients and their family. Patient safety had also been an area of concentration of the department for this year by enhancing the quality nursing policies and developing additional safety nets for both patients and personnel. Furthermore, the application to nursing practice of the learned competency from updated in-service and outside seminars, trainings, and workshops for nurse administrators and clinical nurses were given close attention. All these breakthroughs are geared towards the realization of uplifting the NS’ level of expertise and are aimed to bridge the gaps of nursing theory to practice and to elucidate the blurred concepts within the nursing profession.