The Office for Strategy Management (OSM) is in charge of the implementation of the PCMC transformation roadmap guided by its Strategy Map and Scorecards. The office is composed of the Head, who is responsible for planning and operationalizing the performance of the office. The OSM Assistant Head and Secretariat will be the support system of the Head of the Office in carrying out effectively the administrative functions of the OSM. There are three (3) Assistant Heads for each of the major departments: Office of the Executive Director and Hospital Support Services, Medical and Allied Services, and the Nursing Services. They will be responsible for monitoring the deliverables of the different departments, centers and divisions, in reference to their program initiatives. The Assistant Heads will be assisted by the different members of the Technical Working Group of the PCMC-PGS.




PCMC will conduct collaborative research with national impact focused on prevention and treatment of diseases of vulnerable children. It is a multidisciplinary research that involves researches working across discipline, bringing their unique expertise, either within PCMC or coming from the regions or communities. Train our people to deliver the most responsive service for vulnerable children and high risk pregnant women.


PCMC shall be the hospital of choice for pediatric patients and high risk pregnant women because of the best practices based on research, and excellent training programs to healthcare workers providing optimum services to patients. It is the country’s premier institution in pediatric and perinatal in research, training and service.