The Philippine Children’s Medical Center is now in the Institutionalization Stage of its Performance Governance System transformation journey and as per the Governance Assessment Tool for this particular stage, “the main characteristic of the Institutionalization Stage is the presence of at least one breakthrough result, as reflected in a time-bound strategic position and the positive impact that results from it being attained. Felt by the internal and external stakeholders, the breakthrough result is seen to be present through the alignment of efforts toward better performance and real, lasting transformation. At this stage, a robust governance culture that guides the entire organization should be evident. The organization must also be an advocate of good governance and serve as a model for other organizations that seek strategic reform and progress. As champions of performance-based governance, PGS Institutionalized organizations are seen to sustain the delivery of breakthrough results reflected through the maturity of its governance mechanisms. Organizations who have been conferred the Institutionalized status are also hailed as Islands of Good Governance (IGG) who serve as beacons of hope for other public sector organizations to follow. Moreover, organizations who attain the PGS Institutionalized-IGG status are assessed every three years to ensure the sustainment of the nine PGS elements.”

As we embark on this new stage during this uncertain time PCMC will remain focused, committed and dedicated to its promise of going beyond its duty in order to deliver the best service for all the children.